Meet YBEEP’s Assistant Director, Tiffany Bishop

Tiffany Bishop has a BA in Geography from Central Washington University and a MS in Resource Management from Central Washington University(2012).  She was an NSF-funded WATERS (Watershed Activities to Enhance Research in Schools) fellow from 2011-2012.  She held the position of Education and Outreach Coordinator for the Yakima Basin Fish and Wildlife Recovery Board (YBFWRB) from January 2007 through June 2009.  Throughout the 2007 calendar year, Tiffany was employed with Americorps, and split an Environmental Education position with the YBFWRB and the Yakima Basin Environmental Education Program (YBEEP).  She continued to work with YBEEP on a part-time and volunteer basis as needed, to the present day.  Through these positions, Tiffany has conducted many field trips, classroom presentations, and outreach events covering many varied subjects including water quality, habitat restoration, river ecosystems, hydrology, stormwater management, basic mammal and avian biology, and environmental stewardship.  Tiffany lives in Selah with her husband Jim, four boys, two dogs, two cats, and varying numbers of guppies & snails.  She enjoys fishing for sturgeon, salmon, and other fish, camping with her family, supporting her sons’ efforts in varied sports, and crocheting and reading in her spare time.

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