YBEEP Services

  • Salmon spawning field trips
  • Salmon in the Classroom (includes equipment set-up assistance & troubleshooting; egg delivery; & classroom & field presentations if requested:
    1. Salmon anatomy & physiology
    2. Salmon life cycle & habitat
    3. Wild vs Hatchery
    4. Salmon & catastrophic events
    5. Salmon release assistance
    6. Water quality testing
    7. Hatchery & other fish facility tours
  • Salmon trunk for loan
  • Storm-water education using the Enviroscape
  • Groundwater education
  • Storm drain marking
  • Carnivore education
  • Furs, Feathers & Bones trunk
  • Elk adaptations & habitat presentation
  • Water quality testing
  • Land & Water studies along the Cowiche Canyon Trail
  • Plant, wildlife, & macroinvertebrate studies at Snow Mountain Ranch or Cowiche Canyon Trail or other locations
  • Assistance with Wind Farm tours
  • Schoolyard habitat/or garden development

1 Response to YBEEP Services

  1. Hannah Mohs says:

    I am looking for a field trip for my 4th grade classroom. I was wondering if you had more information on your field trips. We teach about Washington State History in Social Studies and Rocks & Minerals, and Plant Growth in Science class. I would like to know if you have a trip that fits one or all of these things. If so, is there more information on how much, what is covered, where, and times.


    Please email me! Thanks!

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