Western Wildlife Outreach Director attends a sponsored event.

Western Wildlife Outreach Director attends a sponsored event.

Thanks to:

  • City of Selah and Washington Department of Ecology for funding storm water education for Selah students, teachers, and the public.
  • Grant County PUD for a grant funding Salmon in the Classroom for 12 tanks in Grant county and 3 tanks in Chelan County for 2013.
  • West Valley School District for funding through a CTE grant for 7th grade student field trips to the Cle Elum River to learn about salmon life cycle and Cle Elum Dam and the related technology.
  • BPA Kids in the Creek for a grant for water quality & macroinvertebrate education.
  • Western Wildlife Outreach for a grant for carnivore education.
  • Yakima School District for a grant for environmental education for Lewis & Clark Middle School.
  • Cle Elum Kiwanis and MTH Septic for funding the Port-a-potties for the salmon spawning field trips.
  • Tom Carpenter for donating a storage container.
  • WDFW for an ALEA Grant to repair Salmon in the Classroom chillers and to purchase water conditioning chemicals for the tanks.
  • Roy Farms and Tree Top for Salmon in the Classroom tank sponsorships.
  • Dr. Hamilton & Carol Licht, and Chuck Klarich and Charlie de La Chapelle for generous donations to YBEEP.
  • Priest Rapids Hatchery staff, WDFW, for carcasses for salmon dissections, and for salmon eggs for 100 Salmon in the Classroom tanks!
  • All Valley Sheet Metal for providing a pick-up to transport salmon carcasses, and to Jim Bishop for volunteering his time to drive.
  • Tom Carpenter for the loan of three bins to store salmon carcasses in and to Yakama Nation Fisheries for freezer space for carcass storage.
  • Abbotts Printing for donating the printing for our YBEEP brochures.
  • U.S.F.W.S., Alaska, Cal Dunham, Alaska,  Claudette Moe, Bruce Heizer, Alex Heindl, & Jeff Miller for new furs & skulls for our Furs, Feather, & Bones Trunk.

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