If your salmon are dying it is most likely a water quality problem, here are things to check:

Have you removed all dead eggs, alevin or fry? (These can spread fungus & disease if left in)

Do you add more water as it evaporates from the tank?

Have you removed the paper from the tank when the alevins start absorbing their yolk sacs and buttoning up? They won’t come up to feed if it is dark in the tank.

When ½ start to swim up, start to feed them a pinch 4 times a day during the week to start with.  Their stomachs aren’t very big and they won’t come back later and eat the food off the bottom.  If they don’t eat it as it is falling down, the food is wasted and needs to be siphoned out so it doesn’t grow fungus and spread disease to the fish.

Are you changing out part of your water (at least 10 gallons twice a week; more if you are losing fish), rinsing your mechanical filter inserts, and adding water conditioner weekly?  You can also add beneficial bacteria to help with the nitrogen problems.  Contact us if you need some.

If you have problems with your equipment, call YBEEP, 509-945-7250.


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