Filter maintenance instructions

Filter maintenance should be done every other week after the eggs hatch and then increase to once a week when you start feeding the salmon.

  1. Shut the power off on the chiller first
  2. Unplug the filter
  3. Close the valves on the filter
  4. Undo the latches and lift the filter pump lid straight up off the canister housing and place a pan or bucket underneath the lid
  5. Lift out each tray,  rinse the gunk out of the pads, and put the pads & media back in
  6. If there is built up waste in the bottom of the unit rinse it out
  7. Put the trays back in, making sure the ascension pipes are lined up & fit together & the baskets are snugly nested together
  8. Put the plastic grid back on the top of the top tray
  9. Fill the filter with water, but not quite to the top, so that when you put the lid back on the water won’t overflow
  10. Place the lid back on making sure that the pipe in the lid fits into the pipe through the trays & then secure the latches
  11. For the Cascade 1000 filters: Open the valves 1/2 way.  Pump the purple button on top a few times, open the valves all the way, and plug the filter back in. (For the ViaAqua filters: Open the valves, open the priming lid on the top and fill to the top with water, close the priming lid securely, and plug in the filter)
  12. When water is circulating smoothly through the chiller and coming out the spray bar, then turn the chiller back on

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